Become AI Ready —  Jobs of tomorrow, new skills, career opportunities

Artificial Intelligence is transforming most of the industries in our society. As a consequence, the impact of AI on existing jobs is hard…

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A Beginner’s Checklist to Starting Your First Machine Learning Project

Thinking about setting up your first machine learning project and don’t know where to start? This beginner’s checklist will walk you…

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From Zero to Hackathon Tech Mentor: My Weekend with Girls in AI

I signed up for the role as a tech mentor for a Girls in AI event held by Microsoft. It is a two-day hackathon for teenage girls to build…

read original article at https://medium.com/@skong5/from-zero-to-hackathon-tech-mentor-my-weekend-with-girls-in-ai-80813d7e5e43?source=rss——artificial_intelligence-5

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