Finding intent to buy from Instagram comments with TensorFlow.js

As a developer at in an influencer marketing company, I work intimately with Facebook’s Instagram Graph API and attempt to gain as much…

read original article at https://medium.com/@GeorgePerry/finding-intent-to-buy-from-instagram-comments-with-tensorflow-js-3f764c132be7?source=rss——artificial_intelligence-5

Predicting Diabetes using Logistic Regression with TensorFlow.js

Learn how to build a Logistic Regression model using TensorFlow.js and use to predict whether a patient has Diabetes

read original article at https://towardsdatascience.com/diabetes-prediction-using-logistic-regression-with-tensorflow-js-35371e47c49d?source=rss——artificial_intelligence-5

How to run TensorFlow on C++. Machine Learning models in production.

As you all know the final stage of any software system development is deploying a solution on a production environment. And as usual…

read original article at https://medium.com/vicuesoft-techblog/how-to-run-tensorflow-on-c-machine-learning-models-in-production-6d3c2e30e015?source=rss——artificial_intelligence-5

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