Local Vs Global Differential Privacy

The privacy of an individual’s information has been a major concern these days. Everybody including companies, organization, health…

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Using AI to combat the menace of “Fake Accounts” on Social Media

The connectivity, the world has achieved due to social media has a flip-side to it. It has been extensively reported that incidences of…

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‘An Absolute Monster Bluffer’ — Facebook & CMU AI Bot Beats Poker Pros

Don’t simply “all in” if there’s a bot at your Texas hold’em poker table, because Facebook and Carnegie Mellon University’s new Pluribus…

read original article at https://medium.com/syncedreview/an-absolute-monster-bluffer-facebook-cmu-ai-bot-beats-poker-pros-714e7b989954?source=rss——artificial_intelligence-5

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