Personalized Learning & Learning Science: Two Reasons Why We’re Excited about the Future of EdTech

— written by Khatantuul Zorig and Courtney Kaplan

read original article at https://medium.com/innospark-ventures/personalized-learning-learning-science-two-reasons-why-were-excited-about-the-future-of-edtech-b9c46ff93009?source=rss——artificial_intelligence-5

India’s Ed-tech platform expands into Africa with online courses in career critical skills

India’s leading Ed-tech platform for working professionals, Great Learning, is expanding its geographic footprint globally to Europe, Asia…

read original article at https://medium.com/techloy/indias-ed-tech-platform-expands-into-africa-with-online-courses-in-career-critical-skills-67836ecb1405?source=rss——artificial_intelligence-5

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