6 Best Advances in Robotics This Year


Robotics is a rapidly advancing field of technology, each year bringing modern innovations and designs. 2019 has been no different, with many new robotic concepts taking over industries. From 3D imaging bots used in farming to interactive robots able to diagnosis patients, there have been plenty of development you won’t want to miss.

1. Single Product Delivery

New advances in robotics have led to autonomous bots able to deliver individual products to their precise destinations on deadline and intact. One example is Google’s Nuro, which can deliver items like groceries and hot food.

The bot, which takes advantage of sensors, GPS technology and more, is already making the rounds in parts of Phoenix, Arizona. And Amazon, a well-known digital giant, has made claims about an advanced parcel delivery service staffed by flying drones, with promises of delivery times around one hour.

2. 3D Bots in Agriculture

The combination of AI (artificial intelligence) and 3D robotics has improved agricultural and farming industries, allowing new technologies to replace repetitive and nuanced processes.

The low-cost solution offers enhanced surveillance, with drones able to provide aerial views of a property and pinpoint problem areas, such as a difference in crop color, size and growth patterns. Big Data can also be used to handle the care and upkeep of raising crops properly as well as meet demands caused by employee shortages.

3. Interactive Healthcare

Many hospitals are already using delivery bots to move supplies around various halls and corridors. Bots can complete repetitive tasks to allocate man-hours to more essential areas. But others are taking tech integration to the next level with bots that interact directly with patients.

Sophie, a robot developed by Geppetto Labs, can help diagnose medical ailments by listening to tone of voice, assessing body language, analyzing photos and more. All necessary information is instantly passed on to a physician and double-checked to assure accuracy.

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