The Rise of Roybi Robot and Personalized Learning

Elnaz Sarraf

As a child, I was fortunate that my parents paid a lot of attention to my education especially in language learning and development. However, I realized that not many children have the same opportunity. My early childhood education and the skills I learned along the way made a significant difference in my life — even more so than college — setting the foundation for my entrepreneurial journey. The creation of Roybi Robot is personal to my own learning experiences, and that every child deserves to get quality education at a young age.

At an early age, children learn primarily through conversations. Language development is the building block for a child’s education. If they can communicate, they can learn about anything or ask for help. These interactions help them develop vocabulary, social skills, and understand their emotions. The more often your child verbalizes their ideas, feelings, and experience, the more confidence they will gain.

Parents these days are busier than ever and may not have the opportunity to spend as much time communicating with their children. It’s vital that children outside of school continue to practice these skills, which is why Roybi Robot makes the perfect learning friend. Children can engage with Roybi Robot whenever they feel like chatting or learning something new. Along with strengthening language skills, I also visualized ROYBI making a global change in the education system by focusing on personalized learning. Time and time again, I would ask myself, “why are we using generic standards to evaluate our children at schools? Why are we so behind in education?”

The primary issue I saw with our current system is that it lacks the ability to personalize education. Everyone has a different set of abilities and skills — even those we label as having “disabilities.” Every child has unique skills that need to be recognized, therefore, no child should be considered having disabilities due to their unique sets of skills. ROYBI provides a uniquely tailored teaching experience by focusing on the child as an individual and catering to their needs and skills. Using its machine-learning technology, Roybi Robot gradually adapts to each child to deliver optimal content, including over 500 lessons, stories, and songs that continuously update based on their progress. Personalizing learning with Roybi Robot helps children focus on their learning style and pace. Children deserve an education plan that will help them reach beyond their potential, and it should be based on their individual abilities, not on a group norm or standard.

With the support of investors in Silicon Valley, the vision I have for ROYBI and personalized learning is now even stronger. On July 2019, we announced the closing of our seed round with $4.2 million in financing that we will use to accelerate product development. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to empower children around the world by providing them with a distinct way of learning.

On our journey to make a positive change in early childhood education, ROYBI earned many prestigious awards and recognition, including Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas(2019), the EdTech Award in Robotics (2019), and the Silicon Valley Top 30 Innovation Award (2018).

We are growing fast and looking for partners and talents globally to join our team. If you are interested in working with ROYBI or learning more about how you can support our growth, please reach out to us at

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