If You Had An Opportunity To Found Your Own Company

The CEO, Natsuo, founded the IT startup, “PLEN Robotics” in 2017. The main feature of the company is making an Artificial Intelligent (AI) assistant, called PLEN Cube, using the Internet of Things(IoT). These sorts of AI assistants or IoT devices are increasing and becoming more popular than before. We employ engineers from around the world such as France, Canada, and many more. PLEN Robotics is a small but advanced and a global team. After showcasing our first prototype in Kickstarter, we managed to collect strong support through fund raising platforms and using that as a base, we are going to launch our fist product “PLEN Cube” soon.

PLEN Cube is a “box shaped” device that fits in the palm of your hand

2. From a backstreet factory to winter mountains

Natsuo used to be a professional skier and had flown all over the world for 10 years before starting this company because he didn’t want to take over the family business.

Enjoying a ski competition in the US

He was born in Osaka and grew up with his father, who owned a small industry. When he was little, he was into building many kinds of plastic models.

But he always watched his father’s back and was saddened to see his dad working so hard but unable to be successful. Natsuo hought, “I don’t want to be like him, I want to find myself in a dazzling world!” so he started flying to the world as a skier.

Between the ski seasons in Japan, he went to Australia to do racing and improve his basic skills. He also went to the US and Canada to participate in a competition called the Big Mountain Contest. It’s famous for mountains that have a lot of dangerous courses and rocks.

Traveling all over the world as a Professional Skier

After 10 years of professional extreme skiing, Natsuo returned home.

He said “I had done all I could as a professional skier.”

3. After coming back…

Natsuo saw his father had started developing robots as a new business and remembered the plastic models he made when he was a child. He became interested in doing the same thing. While helping his father’s new business, he met a designer and engineer and started making robots on his own, world’s smallest (at that time) biped humanoid “PLEN” like his father in 2004. PLEN continued to evolve into the printable open-source humanoid, “PLEN 2” by 2015, until he started a new company, PLEN Robotics, in 2017.

After working with his father for a couple of years, he decied to start his own company (2004)

4. Present and future

Q: What is your aspiration?

I want to create a useful robot. I feel robots are still unfamiliar and inaccessible to our society. When you hear “robots”, what do you think? I’m sure you don’t really know what robots are yet. I want to create an era in which the word “ROBOT” will become common.

Q: How do you want to make the company from here on out?

I want to make soulful products that can reflect our colorful worker’s cultures. We have employees come all the way here from abroad to work as engineers or designers. I want them to not only take advantage of these opportunities, but I also want to make an environment where new co-workers feel comfortable and enthusiastic about making new things.

If I can make not only the products but an environment that co-workers can happily spend their time, I’ll be more powerful, and then I can become motivated to work even harder and keep getting better.

Q: What is your goal after 5 years and 10 years?

Our goal in 5 years is to complete our products, and in 10 years we will bring them to the world. When I started this company, I thought it would take at least 10 years to achieve this goal. When the day comes though, I want to pass my company to the next generation and have them continue to hold on to the future.

Q: What do you want your team members to become?

I would like to let them know making an idea become reality is always fun. They shouldn’t be here just for salaries. Everyone on the team can be more creative to enrich his or her life. In order to do this, I’m willing to share my ideas, experiences, and knowledge I obtained in my life.

A latest video on Youtube

The story of the CEO: Natsuo tells us about the man who went from the slopes to the lab. It was really impressive.

Bringing ideas to life is really exciting, isn’t it?

We are always curious about people who like to make their ideas a reality.

What would you like to bring to life?

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