Getting Started with Automation: 7 steps to building and managing bots

Suhasini Gadam

Thinking of adding Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into your ecosystem? We live in a world where every business is becoming an RPA and Artificial Intelligence (AI) business. Executives and entrepreneurs are looking for insights that allow them to amaze customers, reimagine products, and increase profits. Here are 7 steps you need to know to get started with automation.

  • Start small. The first step for many business owners is to trust machine intelligence for speeding up business processes. Begin with a pilot program. Identify one task you wish to automate and keep track of what works through the process. Then, use this knowledge as a template to repeat automation success throughout your organization.
  • Set baseline expectations. Document your vision for improving processes and transparency, getting more data, and reducing costs. Visualize success as integrating your computer, cloud platform, and business ecosystem to digitally transform key processes in each business unit.
  • Build a team. Identify and hire a team of people who can do change management, understand RPA, and help your company align with AI and Digital Workforce technology. Invest in people for specific roles in project management, analytics, and data science.
  • Establish a Center of Excellence (CoE). All businesses require focus and alignment for RPA to be implemented successfully. Setting up CoE will provide leadership, best practices, research, and focus on areas for higher business efficiency. Of course, there are many reasons for implementing RPA such as compliance, cost reduction, improved service levels, revenue, and error reduction. You may have 200 ideas in the pipeline, but you need a dedicated focus to implement a few of them with automation.
  • Accelerate the deployment of bots by using pre-built automation. There may already be pre-built bots available to carry out the tasks or processes you need automated. Visit the Bot Store, the world’s leading bot and Digital Worker marketplace, to find out how you can begin automating even faster.
  • Measure the real business impact of AI in combination with RPA. To help you calculate both the savings and the hourly costs associated with a Digital Worker from the Bot Store, we’ve embedded the CoE dashboard so your team can simply, per bot type, see metrics for each bot, including ROI, cost savings, and human-hours saved with automation.
  • Live in a multi-dimensional world with our mobile app. With the advances in RPA and AI, your CoE team can also use our mobile app to closely manage and measure operations from anywhere.

Scaling your business means identifying areas that may be slowing you down and leveraging AI and RPA in combination to keep tasks moving on fast-forward. From HR to finance to employee experience to customer service, automation can make your business faster at what it’s already good at.

Originally published on Automation Anywhere’s blog.

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