Centaur Labs: Crowd Sourcing Medical Diagnoses

Stephen Braunewell

’ revolutionary app, DiagnosUs, is using human-powered ensemble learning to train AI to more accurately diagnose patients.

The Problem

Everyone that has gone to the doctor’s office understands the uneasy feeling of trusting a single doctor to provide a completely accurate diagnosis. Different doctors have different skills, are trained differently and have different blind spots. It has been a common thought that AI would replace fields like radiology and provide more accurate diagnoses to patients globally. Unfortunately, the hype is not yet matching reality because many companies developing medical AI are impeded by bad data. They try to hire doctors to go through thousands or millions of images and re-label them, but this is nearly impossible to manage or scale.

What The Company Does

Centaur has built a mobile app called DiagnosUs, where users around the world analyze medical images and videos. Many users are doctors who simply enjoy looking at cases or want to improve their skills. Others simply like competing with their peers, seeing themselves on the app’s built-in leaderboards, and winning cash prizes in various competitions. Using data on how users perform on cases with “gold standard” answers, Centaur trains a machine-learning model to identify how differently skilled people complement each other and cover each other’s blind spots. The more that they learn about users’ skills and expertise, the better the app gets at aggregating their opinions. Experts trained in the same way often have the same blind spots, so outcomes improve when you include a range of opinions. The platform provides a high volume of labels quickly, which enables Centaur to get highly accurate labels from groups of people with a range of skills.

Founding Team Background

Long-time friends Erik Duhaime, Zach Rausnitz, and Tom Gellatly founded Centaur Labs. Erik serves as Centaur’s CEO and just finished his Ph.D at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence. Zach is a software developer and serves as the CTO. Tom, who was the first hire at SideCar and then head of labeling at Cruise Automation, rounds out the founding members as the VP of Engineering.

What They Need Help With

Centaur is always looking for new users and new customers whether its researchers or medical AI companies. They will also be hiring a back-end engineer soon. If you are interesting in joining this cutting-edge team, go to to view their most current job openings.

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