Is Artifical Intelligence a Natural progression of Mankind?


In recent years Artificial Intelligence has become one of the most poped up names in the field of science and technology. We use to live in a world where all other living or non-living things are ‘less’ than us in one way or another (or at least we have surpassed them). This is possibly the first time in the history of mankind when we ‘humans’ are trying to create something that can think ‘more’ than us. This is frightening in some sense. But is it wrong…? Back in the days of my engineering, I met a guy on a bus once. While I was listening to music through my earphones, he didn’t seem happy at all (and trust me it was not because the sound was going outside the earphones). He didn’t like the idea of using earphones. He told me that the ‘frequency’ of the earphones is not good for our ears and we should not be using them. But this is not the reason I remember that incident. The guy was ‘Electronics Engineer’ and it surprised me that he didn’t even think of making it better.

In my opinion, AI is a natural progression of mankind. Whether we like it or not, we have to accept what James Barrat has said in his book “Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence”.

All we can do here is to learn, create, improve — and I guess these are the basic fundamentals of Mankind as well.

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