Programming languages and where to study them (Tech Academy).

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Various new programming languages are coming up that are suited for different categories of developers (beginners, intermediate, and experts) as well as for different use cases (web application, mobile applications, game development, distributed system, etc.). Most programmers have a broad computing and coding background across multiple programming languages and platforms, including Structured Query Language (SQL), Perl, Extensible Markup Language (XML), PHP, HTML, C, C++, Java, Python, BootStrap, etc.

Stated below are important programming languages

Python ( undoubtedly tops the list. Python is not just fast or easy-to-use, it is also an easy-to-deploy programming language that is being widely used to develop scalable developing desktop GUI applications, websites and web applications. YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, SurveyMonkey are all built in Python. Python also supports several programming paradigm (such as object oriented and structured programming), its language features support various concepts in functional and aspect-oriented programming. The programming paradigms and language features help you to use Python for developing large and complex software applications.

Python also provides an excellent library support and has a large developer community. Python-based web development framework like Django, Pyramid and Turbo Gear have found more and more popularity.

Java is an OOP language created by James Gosling from Sun MicroSystems in 1991, and as a programming language, it has definitely stood the test of time. One reason for Java’s enduring appeal is the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The JVM makes it possible to run each language on different hardware platforms and devices. It is also designed to handle many of the tasks related to data types and memory management that made developers’ lives miserable.


JavaScript is the “front-end” programming language. It’s vital to front-end development and increasingly relevant to back-end development. These days, many organizations, particularly startups, are using NodeJS which is a JavaScript-based run-time environment. Node.js lets developers use JavaScript for server-side scripting — running scripts server-side to produce dynamic web page content before the page is sent to the user’s web browser. Hence now with JS, you can use a single programming language for server side and client side scripts.

So, Why Tech Academy?

We are not just a young or dynamic organization, we are an organization that is skilled, innovative and passionate about providing a solid foundation in Computer science and its education based on globally acceptable values: with the aim of impacting the professional and ethical standards of technological practice in Nigeria.

Tech Academy has gone a step further by developing local case studies that provide solutions to problems faced by Nigeria and other African societies and economy in emerging markets.

Tech Academy also partners with other international institutions and Tech Giants such as: Microsoft, IBM, MIT, HarvardX, Oracle and many more. The curriculum edifies the core computer principles, vision and electives are offered to tailor your learning to your personal interest and career goals.

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