Should you really employ AI in Customer Service?

Onyeka Nzubechukwu

Should you really employ Artificial Intelligence to Customer Service?

The quick and easy answer is yes. However, this answer can change to Maybe or No later on. In this article, we try to highlight the use of Artificial intelligence to customer service. Every business can apply an Artificial Intelligence tool or product to their business however this is relative for each business.

Artificial intelligence is the use of technology algorithms to make decisions faster and with more accuracy. Humans, that’s people like your customer service agents, marketing representatives, business board members, and the likes would normally make this decision. And knowing people, it could take more than a normally acceptable time to make a decision because of so many factors.

Artificial intelligence is the use of technology algorithms to make decisions faster and with more accuracy.

People are able to make decisions based on different reasons like data they have seen and analyzed, feedback from a customer who was thoroughly unsatisfied or a customer who was absolutely pleased. Therefore the decision process time varies between people, but with artificial intelligence, the decision-making process can be easily calculated, hence defined.

AI makes decisions using technology algorithms from previously gathered data. For data to be collected there has to be a process with which AI learns and then apply it to infer decisions.

The Normal Process: For example, a customer is trying to reach out to your organization to get information or make a complaint. They can try to send an email or reach out via social media. For the customer, he/she needs an immediate response.

Why will they need that? An immediate response is necessary because, in that moment and time, their attention and intent are to get whatever information they want and that can mean deciding whether to stay with your organization or not.

Good use of AI in this scenario may look like this:

Empathy towards the situation… ?

A really annoying common use of AI looks like this:

They probably just went interested… ?

All these examples are from twitter.

In both of these cases, AI was applied to give feedback to clients and each message said “We understand you and see you” and “Catch me at a better time, please.” (We are not putting fingers, just stating facts)

While we can apply artificial intelligence to customer service to reduce the amount of time it will take to get information from your business, we should also look out for empathy and relativity. The reply should be relevant to what your client or customer’s want.

Call Centers

Currently IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is the most popular form of customer service. There are a lot of flaws in this system that needs to be fix.

For example, you call a telecom call center then you are told to:

“Press 1 if you want tea”

“Press 2 if you want cold tea, press 3 if you want green tea, press 4 if you want heaven’s tea”

Please take me to an agent already ?

I am sure you get the point now.

But how about if you call a telecom call center and you hear; “Welcome to xyz customer care center, all our human agents are currently busy but I am Onyeka an AI customer care agent. I am sure I can help you, please state your request…”


Now, you may be thinking “But my business is still growing and I am still the one in charge of customer service among other things. Can AI be applied to my business too?”.

Artificial intelligence can be applied to any business size. They are AI-powered bots which you can apply to your social media handles to help you manage things there. There are also AI call center assistants you can use if you have a dedicated phone number your customers can reach you on. Chat bots are really popular now, you can use them on WhatsApp, Messenger and directly from your website. At @sgsglobal, we can help you develop and integrate these tools to help your customer service do better.

When using AI, endeavor to always include empathic sentences. Customers should always know how important they are to you.

Communication with your clients/customers is important. Understand your communication process and figure out the best way to apply AI to it so that all your customers leave feeling special because they got the right response from you on time.

If you are not sure how AI fits into your business, you can reach out to me. We can deep dive into your business together and find a perfect AI fit for you.

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