Taylor Swift and Marketing

It’s a Look What You Made Me Do relationship. 
How do you up your marketing game like Taylor?

Hi there! Checked your Insta Stories, scrolled through Facebook updates, or been to Twitter today? Undoubtedly, our social media has been an integral part of our lives. Digital Marketing is rising and evolving, and that means more opportunities to up your marketing game!

Let’s look how:

Vertical Videos

Remember Taylor Swift’s “Delicate” Music Video? As if the first horizontal video was not stunning enough, Taylor released a one-take vertical video version of the music video, which garnered more attention.

Similarly, more people are tuning in to IGTV, a new feature on Instagram, allowing users to post longer videos. After Instagram’s announcement that IGTV can be previewed on regular feed, views on IGTV videos have skyrocketed across the board, increasing by ~300–1000%. IGTV has been said to be the future rival of YouTube. It’s the next big thing!

Shifting away from social media, we dive into the new virtual world.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Remember when Taylor had a Band Hero commercial, and you could see her virtual performance of songs such as the classic hits“Love Story,” “You Belong With Me” and “Picture to Burn” ?

Virtual Reality back in 2009 before it became the hype!

That was way beginning virtual worlds started booming!

Ever since Google launched Google Cardboard, Virtual and Augmented Reality has been a hot topic. Both virtual and augmented reality allows users to immerse themselves in a virtual environment. But, how can virtual reality help market businesses?

Customers usually face challenges when choosing what’s suitable for them. With virtual reality, customers can better picture the products before buying. This makes their shopping experience easier. And this was applied by tech giant, Amazon for its Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day, where shoppers can have virtual shopping experience before buying.

Visual and Voice Search

Well, perhaps Taylor could consider the last strategy that we would be sharing. Did you know, you can now search using visuals and even voice?! How cool is that!

Google, Microsoft, and Pinterest have all jumped on the bandwagon, and it’s only going to get bigger over time. Marketers can distinguish themselves by preparing customised content to await potential customers after their image searches, while also gaining even more understandings into their customers’ preferences.

On top of that, voice search is growing, as a way for consumers to search information with minimal effort. This can be exemplified by Domino’s team up with Amazon Echo to make a hands-free ordering pizza experience for its customers, who had to just say “ Alexa, Ask Domino’s To Feed Me!”


These are just the top few 2019 marketing trends, and are we hope that you’d see which ones are the best for you to use! Let us know if this has helped you! Long live, and we will see you again~

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