6 world Finalist of Microsoft Imagine cup from 2019 and 2018

This blog post is about the best of the best project from Microsoft imagine cup 2019 and 2018 so that we get inspiration from them and see what kind of project can make up to the finals so that we can work on similar projects.

World Finalist from Microsoft Imagine Cup 2019

1st Position Team EasyGlucose from USA


Team Easy Glucose Won the Microsoft imagine cup 2019. Team EasyGlucose created a way to monitor blood sugar in non-invasive way they have created an state of art deep learning model to check sugar in diabetic patient using picture of their eye, they have done it using image processing techniques. They have created mobile application that take picture of your eye and tell the sugar level. There idea was great because they have taken problem which was already solved but they take a different approach to solve it, which was way better, because normally it was a very painful process for any diabetic patient to monitor they sugar level. This non-invasive technique to monitor blood sugar can be break through in the field. That is why they were the winner of this prestigious competition.

Working of EasyGlucose

2nd position Team Caeli from India

Team Caeli

Team Caeli were the Asia Regional champions and runner up of Microsoft Imagine Cup 2019. Team Caeli created an automated drug delivery and anti pollution mask for chronic respiratory and asthma patients their mask helps respiratory patients to live better life in an air polluted region. They have used different azure technologies to make this solution.

Demo Caeli

3rd position Team Finderr from UK

Team Finderr

Team Finderr were the winner of EMEA region they got third place in world championship 2019. They have created a device and mobile app that help visually impaired people to find things they have misplaced using camera device they have created and vibratory feedback from mobile app as you go close to that object.

World Finalist from Microsoft Imagine Cup 2018

1st position Team SmartArm from Canada

Team Smartarm

Team SmartArm was the winner of world finals 2018 they have created a robotic arm that which had camera embedded in the palm, so based on the object arm decide the most suitable grip it use computer vision cloud storage and machine learning. Their idea of creating inexpensive prosthetic made judges so happy that they end up getting first prize

2nd Position Team iCry2Talk from Greece

Team iCry2Talk

One of my favorites this is a team from Greece who got 2nd position they have created non-invasive interface between infants and parents using deep learning and signal processing so that parent can understand the physiological and psychological condition of a child by cry. So child’s crying is converted into image and text so that parents can understand their child physiological and psychological condition.

3rd Position Mediated Ear From Japan

Team Mediated Ear

Mediated Ear Got third position in world finals they have created a solution for people with hearing disability their project is based on that the hearing disability is actually problem of being not able to separate useful sound and noise so they created a mobile app that records someone’s voice and train a deep learning model on that and when that person is talking app separates every noise and just pure voice is sent to the hearer. This innovative idea made them third prize winner of the competition.

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