A(I) Chess revival

40 years ago, I wrote a chess program. Joking! I wasn’t born, but a family member of mine was and he, as part of a team, did write a chess program that won championships.


Last week then I found out that one team member at work plays chess, which set of a spark of curiosity on my side, to check “what’s up” in computer chess — with relation to current artificial intelligence buzz!

At the same time, our oldest son started playing chess. Some friends of him play it at school. He’s determined, competitive and wants to join. When we played for the first time, I didn’t advice and finished the game — no mercy. (I can’t really advice, I am not a chess master and was defeated — painfully — many times!). He played for a couple of times now, and additionally uses an iPad chess app too. His progress in such short time is astonishing. Allowing the person to learn for himself, using his intelligence, is simply the best coaching.

Our son finding interest in playing chess (he played Master Mind and many other games already — jigsaws when he was younger)

Back to computer chess: popular engines are available and I bet they beat us all with ELO > 3000. 40 years ago, this field used to be Artificial Intelligence. Today, AI moved on, surpassing human capability e.g. on IMAGENET classification and speech recognition on Switchboard. Nevertheless, chess and computer chess remains especially on the algorithmic side very interesting. I am currently preparing a presentation (maybe it becomes something else) on problem solving. I included a sample problem in the presentation by Martin Gardner and asked myself: couldn’t a machine solve it by now? It’s a simple problem, but the why how it’s meaning is interpreted makes a key differences, so the short answer if a machine could tackle it would be no. I did research, and found that similar question was asked by DARPA. So the main question remains and will remain over the next decades: will machines ever have common-sense?


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