Health Benefits of Apple Watch 4

What are the advantage and disadvantage of the new features?

Is the Apple Watch protecting you?

Last summer when my very active and independent engineer husband had an accidental fall and later some light signs of a potential stroke, following all the medical visits, I became weary and worried. That is, I did not want to find him at a place where it would be too late to do anything. So, I began my search for various ways to tame my concerns. I knew that a Life Alert pendant had little chance to be worn. After a few discussions and other feedback, I realized that the latest Apple Watch 4 coming out that fall had that feature. Knowing his propensity for technology, I planned a trip to New York City for his birthday that coincided with the release of the watch. Our first stop was at the Apple store where we receive a complete run of the many functions. Despite its apparent complexity, the alert function seemed simple enough; therefore, we ordered the watch he wanted.

Since that time, rumor goes that 12 to 50 physicians are working with Apple to provide an array of health services and that, of course, piqued my curiosity. Is Apple committed to solving significant medical problems?

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