Why simplicity will be the key to emerging future

Simple never means easy…simple!

How it affects what we do?

Have you ever used a microwave oven? Of course, you have, who am I asking! Now think, how do you use it? How many buttons and features provided with the microwave you have used so far? How many of us use it only for reheating or defrosting food and regularly use 30-second or 1-minute timer? Yet, there are at least 15 odd buttons on the appliance and circa 25 features/functions. Does it feel like appliance makers may have missed the simplicity class?

How many features of your smartphone do you use? Compare that with how many it has. You will be awfully surprised by the answer.

And still, there are multi-widget apps, things, software and other stuff in the market that tries to offer more and more of vanity.

How do you take a data-heavy and jam-packed presentation slides? How comfortable are you in reading a performance score-card that has about 100 metrics and a dozen pages of commentary to explain them? How do you perceive long-winded rambling in proposals sent to you?

If these things bring you some level of genuine discomfort — you are not alone. Complicated things wear us out. They affect us, everyone in-fact. These things consume us and blur our vision to see the important and obvious. That, in turn, leads to significant waste in achieving efficient and positive results.

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