How to built software ?

How to built software ?

Well many people like me who are in the bracket of 0–2 years of their career have this question how do I write quality software ?

We will tackle this question in this article . This article is certainly not about whether functional or object oriented design should be followed or not and certainly not whether Kotlin is better than Java . This article is about first step of software development life cycle that is gathering requirements before you start building quality software . I will covering the following steps on my blog as to how one should built quality software

Well to have a clear understanding as to how one should built quality software we need to understand our user base and problem statement we are trying to solve thoroughly .

Generally requirements are conveyed to software developer by the product manager , business heads if he/ she doesn’t have a PM in between them and he acts as one (have been the case for most of my career I have been one of the lucky ones ) .

As a developer we straight away jump into solving the problem programmatically biggest mistake one could ever do I have done it a million times it never turns out good at the end and the refractor efforts kills me .

How to solve it ?

1) Always wear the customer hat and think like you are one of the user of the product how would you want the product to be . You will get the best understanding of the requirements ever by this process .

2)Come up with your own way of solving the problem statement .

3) After you have a clear understanding of the requirements ask questions from the people who came with the requirement like a 5 year old curious kid . Ask them about their requirements , their proposed way of solving the problem and then discuss your way of solving the problem and try to reach a common ground . Don’t just implement what others tell you as they also don’t know half of the time what’s the correct way of solving the problem either . Do your due diligence .

4) After the discussion and clear understanding of the requirements draw the flow on the paper , construct mock-ups and then think if you were a user will you be happy ?

5) If answer is yes , Jump to implementation

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