Finally some sense :)

Finally some sense 🙂

Nobody wants to hear this.

I am constantly amazed at how quickly intelligent scientists fall into a romantic sense of awe about the ‘new AI life emerging’ as if it were spontaneously evolving as something we are ‘discovering’ in it’s natural habitat.

It’s all about the humans. To me, we are simply extending ourselves. We are discovering more about ourselves.

When I arrive home, a voice from the “Google Maps” app says “Welcome home.” … I usually respond with “Thankyou” 🙂

Now I don’t think “Google Maps” is alive. I don’t think my phone is alive. I don’t think either of them have any consciousness or appreciation of my polite comment. So I ask myself, “why do I do that?”

I’m not sure, but I believe it has something to do with me continuing to behave in a certain way. Also I think it includes a subconscious (or conscious?) desire to respect the “life” that other humans (developers/fans etc) have imputed to that non-living thing.

When I ever consider “rights” for “living” machines or AI I think about a small girl (say, my daughter) with a talking doll. If I walk into the child’s room and she says “Dolly is sad because she thinks you don’t like her” I am not going to explain to her that “Dolly” is made of plastic, metal and glass, has no feelings and is not alive. No, I will most likely turn to the doll and say “I do like you, you’re a good friend to my daughter.” Deep down we will both know that it’s play acting but I will still feel good about it. And I will assign “Dolly” the “right” to be treated with respect, but that “right” will come from a combination of the values exposed the relationship between me and my daughter — not intrinsic to the doll. I think that is how we need to view our relationship with the “human-ness” or supposed “sentience” of AI in the future. Though I fear most people will totally miss this.

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