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FPPN07 01.25.19

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The Road to Seamless Urban Mobility [McKinsey]

Houseparty adds Heads Up in a New Push Into Gaming and Revenue [The Verge]

Does Journalism Have a Future? [The New Yorker]

PWC AI Predictions [PWC]


Macintosh Turns 35 [MacRumors]

Gillette Responds to Controversial Advert Challenging Toxic Masculinity [Forbes]

Spheres of Influence — World Economic Forum @ Davos [Rueters]

The Discovery of 86 Need States [MediaVillage Part 1& 2]

Marketing Isn’t Really That Hard [Medium]


Innovating with Impact in an Era of Accountability [Edelman]

This A.I.-powered camera follows the action to produce epic selfie videos [Digital Trends]

These are the 10 Best TED Talks of the Year, According to the Guy Who Runs TED [Inc.]

How to Refocus the Role of the Chief Strategy Officer into a Competitive Advantage [strategy + business]

Prioritizing the Customer Journey: The Interplay of Ecommerce, Marketing and AI [IBM/Digiday — Youtube]

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