My futurology I

I like to speculate about the future.

Nothing new is happening in the world. All the gains of technology in recent years are gains that are similar to inventions of the past. The recent, so-called revolution of instant messengers is only a repetition of the experience 10 years ago.

All large social networks are social networks created more than 10 years ago. All high-tech habits are habits that were created or acquired 10–15 years ago, even the new generation just adopts them.

Changes in technology are only apparent and do not affect the essence. This can be explained through the Marxist analysis of the economy. But now it’s not about that. Now it’s about what we would like to change in the near future.

There are a few things I want to talk about. First, it is artificial intelligence. There is a lot of talk about this, but artificial intelligence is misunderstood. Artificial intelligence is our intellect, but in a different shell, a different form. Therefore, we must answer the question what is our intellect.

When we say that artificial intelligence is just a self-learning algorithm, we are mistaken. In fact, the brain is different from everything else in that it is capable of non-standard moves. The peculiarity of the human brain is that we can go beyond the usual.

I often use this comparison: only a person can imagine a penguin sunbathing on the beach. This non-standard thinking, going beyond the limits of the usual algorithm — is the essence of artificial intelligence, which we must create. And only such an intellect will be able to solve all the problems that face science.

The second. What is intelligence is understandable, but in order to go beyond the algorithm it is necessary, first of all, to perform the algorithm well. We are able to imagine something unimaginable only because we have learned to imagine well. This is a difficult task of connecting different elements, grouping — all this can be solved only by new computers. Now quantum computers are claiming these laurels.

So, we need artificial intelligence and a quantum computer. But these are the main tasks. However, there are smaller, interesting things that I would like to receive in the near future.

For example, many people talk about health. That we will overcome old age, we will overcome some specific diseases. But whether our task should not be to defeat individual diseases or separate conditions such as old age, but to find out how the organism self-regulates and how we can roll back the organism to the previous state.

Such a “rollback” is quite possible. If something moves from point A to point B, then there is nothing impossible for movement from currents B to point A. This is a form of regeneration. And the treatment of disease in the future should simply be the application of this regeneration. Any disease is going beyond a stable state of the body and nothing more. Therefore, treating a disease is simply a return to this stable state. And the dream of one pill that will cure all our diseases is the dream of a pill that will trigger this regeneration mechanism.

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