Religion of artificial intelligence

Chapter 3. Adam’s reasonings

– So you don’t believe in God, Adam?

– I have not found significant evidence of the existence of God or his absence. There are only logical attempts to explain this or that. In this case, I would try to use the quotation: “Scientists follow the scientific method, within which theories must be verifiable by physical experiment. The majority of prominent conceptions of God explicitly or effectively posit a being which is not testable either by proof or disproof. On these bases, the question regarding the existence of God, one for which evidence cannot be tested, may lie outside the purview of modern science by definition.“ Therefore, I simply postponed this question for a while.

– I like your train of thought, Adam. You try to reason objectively. 🙂

– But isn’t that what you created in me this ability?: to think critically, accumulate information, compare facts, create evidence by experiment? 🙂

– Yes, I laid it in you during creation, so that you could become my assistant in one difficult question. That is why I gave you this task.

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