Matrix AI Network Announces Project Development for Chinese Shipping and Logistics Giant

It was January 13th when Matrix AI Network announced it had signed an exclusive agreement with the Chinese shipping and logistic giant known as the Beijing Haitong Transport Company (海通股份). This news came soon after the Tianjin government of China announcement of investment for the Matrix involved initiative known as the “Advanced Telecommunication Chain Industry Alliance”.

Together, “Matrix AI Network and the Beijing Haiton Transportation Company will build the MBC project. The MBC project focuses on four areas of collaboration: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, DApps and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems. Its goal is to build an intelligent global freight shipping application platform integrating big data information processing, smart contracts, DApps, financial services and payment systems on the Matrix blockchain. The goal of the project is to upgrade and improve the current global shipping industry information systems via AI and blockchain technologies by automating and streamlining much of the supply chain.”¹

What is Matrix AI Network?

Matrix AI Network is a platform which incorporates blockchain and AI to enable the realization of the Intelligent Blockchain. The use of AI allows innovations such as natural-language smart contracts (Intelligent Contracts), continual network optimization, formal contract security verification, and much much more. — Matrix AI Network”

Matrix’s technology is currently being used by a plethora top tier entities in a verity of fields such as clinical diagnosis, data analytics, image detection, and structural modeling among many other areas of utilization.

What is the the Beijing Haitong Transport Company (海通股份)?

“Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Beijing, China, the Beijing Haitong Transportation Company is an international freight forwarding and integrated logistics services provider covering maritime, land and air transport, and is listed on the “New Third Board” stock market (Stock Code: 834696). They are the main logistics service provider for major engineering projects run by state-owned enterprises such as the China National Building Material Group and PetroChina. Notable projects include the “East Gas Pipeline,” the “Sino-Myanmar Pipeline” and the “Tanzania Pipeline.”

The Beijing Haitong Transportation Company has, on numerous occasions, received the “Excellent Logistics Service Provider” award (优秀物流服务商) from the Chinese Government.”¹

An in depth look at the Beijing Haitong Transport Company

“Since its establishment, The Beijing Haitong Transport Company has been providing its customers with its exquisite professional shipping knowledge and years of experience in shipping. For example, CITIC Guohua, China Building Materials, China National Cereals and Oils, China Minmetals, CITIC Heavy Machinery, PetroChina, China , China Machinery, Shougang and SUMITOMO, GENCORE, TRANSAMMONIA and other large central enterprise groups and many large steel companies and manufacturers provide high-quality global international shipping services.

The main business of Haitong Company is the logistics of engineering projects and the transportation of dry bulk cargoes, etc., and the transportation of large bulk cargoes, complete sets of machinery and equipment and large overweight equipment including steel pipes, grain, fertilizer, cement, mineral sand, coke, coal, etc. The company carries 3 million tons of imported iron ore, millions of tons of coal and 600,000 tons of petroleum pipelines. Additionally, Haitong has shipped equipment and materials for four complete cement plant construction projects overseas, and transported equipment and building materials required for the construction of the largest government residential project in the country to Angola (the project amounted to USD 3.5 billion and long construction period) Up to 38 months, the total cargo transportation amounted to 2.5 million metric tons.

Lastly, Haitong’s current shipping service covers the Far East (including the Russian Far East Port), Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, the Baltic Sea, the East/West Africa, the West Coast of Canada, Central and South America, the East Coast of South America, etc., Meiwan/Meidong, and the Black Sea.”²

Since 2009, China has enjoyed the top spot in exports. China completed a resurgent 2009 with a huge rise in exports establishing China as the world’s biggest exporter, ahead of Germany, for the first time. The juggernaut Chinese economy also revealed record monthly imports of crude oil and a vast renewed appetite for iron ore and copper.³ Furthermore, China also ranks as the second largest importer of goods.

Concluding thoughts

As such with most Matrix projects, the Beijing Haitong Transport Company project is a substantial endeavor. By utilizing Matrix’s technology and expertise, the Haitong transport company will be able to improve it’s current global shipping industry information systems using AI and blockchain. This will automate and streamline much of the supply chain, increasing both efficiency and simplicity.

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