AI for Sales and Marketing: 10 of the Best Articles for Beginners

Get to grips quickly with AI in sales and marketing. We’ve put together a list of 10 rich sources of information and insight, providing a time-efficient way of understanding the AI landscape for anyone hungry to learn more.

CognitionX was founded in 2016 to democratise access to Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, providing an intelligent directory of all the information — research, products and resources — required to understand and build AI solutions.

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Why AI in Sales and Marketing?

The opportunity is transformational

Sales and Marketing is ripe for disruption by AI technologies:

  • Many systems and repetitive tasks
  • Need for personalisation at scale
  • Lots and lots of rich data

Customers are hungry for AI

Half of brands and 58% of agencies do not think they currently have the marketing tools they need, but 40% expect their budget to increase this year, by an average of 10%. (WARC, Martech 2018 and Beyond)

86% of respondents to a recent study on the use of marketing AI in retail considered that AI would make their marketing more efficient; 79% believed that AI will help shift the role of marketing to more strategic work. (Forrester, 2017, Building Trust and Confidence: AI Marketing Readiness in Retail and eCommerce)

The market is heating up

CognitionX own analysis suggests there are over 1,000 companies globally in this space. CBInsights rates Commerce, Sales and Marketing among the top 9 hottest/most active areas for AI investment.

10 Great Articles, Podcasts and Videos for Beginners

Know any better ones?

The State of AI in Marketing

46-page Report/Slide Deck
Andrew Van Aken, Ogilvy
November 2018

Artificial Intelligence For Marketers 2018: Finding Value Beyond The Hype

20-page Report
Sponsored by emarsys
October 2017

Marketing and Advertising Redefined in the Age of AI

39-minute Video
Recorded at CogX London June 2018
Hosted by Tracey Follows, Head of Strategy, WIRED Consulting, WIRED UK
Jessica Rusu, Senior Director EU Analytics & Research, eBay
Anastasia Leng, CEO and Founder, Picasso Labs
Ben Livshits, Chief Scientist, Brave Software

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Is there a place for CRMs in a CDP world?

Op-ed, Article
Barry Levine, Martech Today
October 2018

Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2018): Martech 5000 (actually 6,829)

Infographic + analysis
Scott Brinker, Chief Martec
April 2018

Sales Stack 2019: Sales Tools For Professional Sales

Comprehensive product list
Jakob Thusgaard, Yoursales
November 2018

Voice and Brands

49-minute Podcast
Voicebot Podcast with Rishad Tobaccowala, Publicis Chief Growth Officer
October 2018

Personalized Marketing with AI — 8 Current Applications

Overview Article
Ayn de Jesus, emerj
November 2018

A Machine Learning Primer

Simple technical overview of AI
Libby Kinsey, Medium
April 2016
(Hat Tip: Catherine Breslin)

The Future of Political Campaigning

57-page Report
Jamie Bartlett, Josh Smith, and Rose Acton, Demos
Commissioned by the Information Commissioner’s Office
July 2018

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