Why (and How) Ambiguity (A Lie) Is Involved In Everything

Zero and one is circumference and diameter. Literally (figuratively).

Ambiguous Reality (Yin and Yang) (Zero and One) (Photo by Jens Johnsson)

There is a circular-linear relationship between any zero and-or one. More technically defined: circumference and diameter.

Circumference and Diameter

This is the basis for the digital ‘reality’ we are all ‘experiencing’ right now.

Digital Reality

We can substitute any ‘name’ for ‘circumference’ and ‘diameter’ because a ‘zero’ and a ‘one’ is, literally, ‘circumference’ and ‘diameter.’

Zero and One

Circumference and Diameter

Literal and Figurative

Any X and-or Y is a simple substitution of 0 and-or 1 (circumference and diameter).



This explains the circular-linear foundation that is the ‘background’ state for everything. Also known as duality (duplicity).


Zero and One. One and Two.

Ambiguous ‘state.’ (Duality) (Duplicity)

This explains (complementary) identity, and, also, (complementary) opposition. Often known as true-false, yes-no, male-female. Here-there, then-now.

Complementary identity. Complementary opposition.

T-F. Y-N. M-F.

Complementary Ambiguity

This, also, explains, behavior in general. Meaning, we all share a 50–50 reality. Where if you go ‘yin’ I am going to have to go ‘yang.’ By Nature. Necessarily.

Yin. Yang.

Other common ‘words’ for complementary identity: night-day, hot-cold, fast-slow. Also, introvert-extrovert, active-passive, emotional-intellectual. Real-ideal. Physical-symbolic. Concrete-abstract.

Night-day. Hot-cold. Fast-slow.

Introvert-extrovert. Active-passive. Emotional-intellectual.

Real-ideal. Physical-symbolic. Concrete-abstract.

Again, all of these (50–50) ‘pairs’ share a ‘circular-linear’ relationship (by Nature). This is because (it is easy to observe) ‘conservation of a circle’ is the ‘core dynamic’ in (called) Nature. (Meaning, 50–50 is the ‘constant’ called ‘Nature.’)

50–50 (Night-Day) (X-Y)

Nature (50–50) (Zero-One) (Circumference-Diameter)

This forces us to notice ‘pi’ is the correct name for the abstract-concrete ‘background’ state in Nature. Also called ‘God,’ ‘Mind,’ ‘Universe.’ (Universal.)



Mind (God).

Background (foreground) ‘State.’

This means if you expand, and-or, reduce, Reality (Nature) to a ‘zero and-or one’ you have proven (and demonstrated) a circular-linear observation (movement) (reproduction) (reality). Again, demonstrated (and proven) below:

It also means you cannot use ‘words’ or ‘numbers’ (any symbol except the above symbol) to explain or demonstrate ‘reality.’ Or, vice versa, you can, always use words and-or numbers to ‘explain,’ and demonstrate, ‘reality’ (virtual or real). Where, any ‘symbol’ demonstrates, and, proves, the conservation of a circle.

Physical Reality.

Virtual Reality.

Again, this is because you cannot have a zero without a one, a circumference without a diameter, a ‘one’ without a ‘two.’ Proving ‘ambiguity’ (the ‘lie’) is necessary for ‘Nature’ to survive.

Explaining why our technical, and communication, and, also, transportation, systems, are, only ‘half-correct,’ at all times,

Correct. Incorrect.

Because, no matter how you ‘toss’ the dice, ‘articulate’ reality, no matter the discipline, or the system, the ‘circular-linear’ background maintains ‘control.’

A simple circle.


Conservation and Symmetry

This was proven in mathematics by Emmy Noether (Noether’s theorem). In physics by Albert Einstein (relativity). And in psychology by Carl Jung (synchronicity). It was proven much earlier by ancient civilizations (Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Indus Valley Civilizations, African Tribes, Indian Tribes, Indigenous Tribes all over the globe).

It’s something everybody understands intuitively (in fact, it is the ‘basis’ for ‘intuition’). The ‘hidden’ connection between ‘science’ and ‘religion’ (physics and philosophy), and, also, mathematics and psychology.

Yin and Yang.

Conservation of the circle is the core (only) dynamic in Nature.

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