Machine Learning: “AI, I am your father!”

Tech and everyday life have become so interconnected nowadays- why is that? Well because is making our lives easier, it satisfies our needs in an efficient manner, it empowers us. And some hot topics are consistently present at most of the tech conferences or tech journals. Two of them have been actually invited today for us to find more about how they “roll”: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Without further ado, please welcome Machine Learning!

Machine Learning(ML)
 -Hi guys: first of all, I do like to “repeat myself”– let’s call it an occupational hazard. What do I do? I find patterns in data and then use those patterns to predict the most probable future. Some people also call me Predictive Analysis- a bit too much but who am I to judge them?! Hence, I find patterns in existing data, then create and use a model that recognises those patterns in new data. The thing is, my job is pretty iterative and contrary to some expectations a lot of work is being done by my human coworkers called data scientists. Actually, without them, I couldn’t be so famous. David Chappell had made a comprehensive course on Pluralsight about how I work and we can drag from there the following systematic explanation:

1) You choose your data(raw data which can be binary- it’s crazy how many 1’s and 0’s are there). 2) You apply Pre-processing Modules to have Prepared Data. 3) You apply algorithms to the Processed Data to create a Candidate Model. 4) And the last step is deploying the chosen Model. Bottom line, if you wanna work with me- start by knowing exactly what you want to discover. You need also good data, the proper algorithm model and a lot of iteration to create a model that makes accurate predictions. I’ve told you: I like repeating myself!:) Bottom line, three things can be stated about ML:

  • it loves iteration- through it, patterns in data are being created
  • it implies a lot of “manual work” from data scientists
  • it’s pretty humble for how famous it is worldwide.

Speaking about worldwide recognition, another tech concept that electrified the debate arena is Artificial Intelligence. Hence, passing the mic to AI as it’s anxious to clarify some points here:

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

-Finally, “can speak my own thoughts!” If you want to know me, understand the following: I am not a product, nor a service- but a concept. When a machine mimics the cognitive functions of the human brain, that’s the moment I emerge on the scene. I know nobody had done this before, but I couldn’t have done it without my 2 fathers: Machine Learning- the biological one and John McCarthy- the spiritual one. Professor John McCarthy- Turing Laureate also characterised me as:

“The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”.

I include at least machine learning, deep learning, image recognition, robotic process automation, natural language processing, neural networks among other methods, tools and techniques. All these brought together are offering me the possibility to solve cognitive problems commonly associated with human intelligence, such as learning or problem-solving. Three things we should know about AI:

  • it is based on machine learning
  • it has the capacity of performing cognitive functions
  • it finds patterns in big data to propose specific solutions or hidden insights

Note to its readers: This was solely a theoretical approach of the two concepts for whom the internet had provided all the sources. As well bear in mind that no AI entity had decided to write this article, it is the sole creation of its author! 🙂

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