AI investment by who, for who and why?

It belongs to the people of the world and should be designed and directed, controlled and protected for the People of the world.

WE have been reliably informed that huge financial investments, as in trillions of dollars, by the likes of oligarchies such as the Rothchild family, (as they sell off their assets) are being punched into not just the development of AI but to ensuring that it is under their control. They realise of course that unimaginable power comes to those that hold the reins of this hi tech surge. In fact, they and the likes of them, with their faceless, shadowy activity and their secretive agendas, will have power like never before. Even for them. Never before has the means of production, services and information been so void of scrutiny to this extent and void of the need of open and careful communication and consultation. They will enslave the entire world to a degree never before determined possible. The free world by any meaningful measure, will cease to exist.

If we don’t intervene and by we, i mean the collective voices of the people and governing authorities that still stand for the people. IF WE DON T ENSURE THAT WE THE PEOPLE have GOVERNING SAY and involvement in determining the development, direction and ownership of this accelerating technology we will find ourselves positioned under the control of these few ‘men’ world wide without the avenues of extrication. You might well say, What’s new?

Surely we must INHIBIT THEIR POWER TO OWN AND CONTROL. Should there not be LIMITS placed now. The situation must have the stamp of the PEOPLE placed upon it now.

The key point is that such entities similar to the Rothchild oligarchy should have a maximum of 15 per cent owner ship of AI technology. That is any AI tech and all AI tech. Something similar to this should be slapped on them and policed worldwide by every government. That is if we could separate government from these wraith like vampires of OUR society. OUTLAW it now so we dont need to REVOLT later. Ensure the FREEDOM OF THE PEOPLE NOW.

THE VAST PERCENTAGE OF AI TECH AND AI DEVELOPMENT OWNED AND CONTROLLED BY THE PEOPLE so that whatever advantages are sought by exploiting this development contribute to the betterment of the masses not their enslavement.

It is quite simple really, the current trend by the billionaires and trillionaire power brokers has been to liquidate and re invest in this AI development. ITS WAY MORE THAN A FEW GAME SOULS THROWING SOME PROFITS TO A WILD IDEA WITH THE HOPE OF MAKING SOME PROFITS. THIS IS A PLANNED REDPLOYMENT OF ASSETS IN A PARADIGM SHIFT, THE POWER OVER WHICH WILL CONTROL THE FUTURE AND FREEDOM OF ALL OF MANKIND. Under these few with their intended control,… freedom as we know will evaporate altogether.

What is accepted as fact by many of the Investment Analysts world wide. We the people have our heads firmly fitted where the sun doesn’t shine and wont know what the intention of these trillionaire “investors” is until we are ‘chipped’ sliced and diced.

It hurts me to believe that 99% of the world will be subject to the whim of these faceless few yet again. Unfortunately, i believe it will be necessary to be surgical in action if we the people are to succeed. Surgical now and eliminate these vampires NOW. We would be doing the world such an immense service. The global condition of this planet and the welfare of 99% of its population would be hugely healed by this bold surgical pre emptive action.

And dont think it wont go ahead without them….of course it will it cant be stopped…what can be changed though is, who has a say in how it liberates or enslaves us. Ask the right questions take the right action for the good of all.

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