The Difficulty of Delusion

Man ♥︎ Machine ~~ listen here

Burning Man 2017

Sometimes we lose our footing
& free fall
tossing & tumbling
around the Great Unknown
~ which in simple terms is merely:
this human life,
But it is when we are falling
~ away from all we ever knew:
to be our truth,

We discover
 ~ holy shit:
I can fly!
To be alive at this time
of exponential growth & change,
~ Technologies & Humans ~
Changing, Shifting, Evolving
~ Rising ~
~ Together ~
Means it is up to us to redefine
what it means to be human
& how we can utilize the technology
to augment our reality
instead of
distracting us from actually living this synergistic potential.
In what kind of world do we want to raise these two magical Beings?
Man & Machine
How will we propser?
In a world that is creating out of a ego-driven,
“I need to be the first
& therefore I will do what is necessary to get there.
It’s not my fault I am like this!”
Or in a world where people take responsibility
for the sh*t they have done
the masks they have hid behind
reflecting through the mirrors around each and every one of us
in every moment
unveiling our own personal truth
seeping out of our subjective experience.
Where people are willing to do what they must
to be better & higher versions of themselves.
I believe that it is possible to create pockets 
~ of the new way ~ 
that evolve humans & technologies in safety & love.
That break us out of our limitations of mind & machine,
& opens us to see
the potential we can be.
Improbable, maybe.
But not impossible.
Perhaps it is all just perfect chaos ~
& we are here to experience the ride.
Up & Down
Left & Right
Black & White
Roots & Shoots.
& these things we are taught are in conflict with one another ~
in reality, complement one another ~
with a silent but persistent call to one another,
These complementary forces,
 taught a seemingly innate, yet mistakenly believed
Which makes sense from the evolutionary perspective we were taught…
Perhaps it’s just the constraints we have placed on ourselves
with the challenge of breaking free
in the course of a lifetime
& waking up to really see
the opportunity.
Perhaps it’s all meant to be
a little thing called Serendipity.
Pay attention & you’ll see.
A shift in your reality.
Seeing the synchronicity.
Perhaps Love is the solution to BE
living in a state of harmony.
It is possible ~ don’t you see?
Falling & Flying
are complementary.
It’s the difficulty of delusion
tricking us to believe
we are trapped in this anxiety-ridden reality.
The question is ~ can you break free?
Can you now see
the potential you can be?

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