Future of Art Preview

Seattle Artist Ginny Ruffner on the Promise and Challenges of AR Art

With 88 solo shows, several hundred group shows, work in 55 permanent museum and public collections around the world, Ginny Ruffner is a Seattle-legend. Her AR art exhibit, Reforestation of the Imagination, will be featured at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, beginning June 2019.

Ginny will be joining our January Innovation Forum to discuss the future of art (tickets here). We asked her to share with us some of her insights about incorporating technology into her work.

Are technology and science like augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI) protein folding, and so on, fundamentally changing art or are they just new media for expression?

Technology and science are just an inspiration, not media. They are influencing the direction of art, however.

How is the creative process using AR as a medium different from more traditional art “creation”?

Creating art using AR is a different creative process in part because it requires the artist to be so relentlessly linear. Like many art forms, AR art is also technique-heavy and in that sense it is similar to traditional art, but the technique required is brand new. AR art is in its nascent stage. As artists master the technique and begin to manipulate it with ease, AR art will become much more mainstream.

What would should we be thinking about as far as art is concerned that we are ignoring?

Much computer generated art is unfulfilling, except on a very superficial visual sense. Technologies that have become available recently offer amazing and intriguing opportunities to make a totally new type of art. But this won’t happen until the artists are in the driver’s seat-not the technology. And for that to happen, we need programs and tools that are more artist-friendly.

Join us January 16, 2019 for the Future of Art Innovation Forum!


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