AI Powered Content Marketing

AI has changed the way our lives used to work. Now, if you look closely, then you’ll find everything related directly or indirectly to AI. The Google search result, Amazon’s product recommendation, Google Maps feature of estimating the commute time and this world is full of such examples; you just have to give a closer look! Learn how to get started with AI powered Content Marketing

AI is indeed the face of the future, and we are slowly walking towards it. Every field is trying to get into the AI segment and its implementation. Though it may sound hard to do, in reality, it’s just exhausting, time taking and very complicated. But would we, the humans stop?

Obviously, no!

We have immersed ourselves in it. And today, right from transportation, to management, to marketing, AI is everywhere. In fact, AI has started conquering the content creation and marketing too.

AI Powered Content Marketing

AI in content marketing

So, we’ll now narrow the scope of AI to content and content marketing and will funnel all the possible and accurate information on the same. Now, if you are like me, then you might have got amazed, and also, you must have started seeing the machines and codes revolving around you. So, let’s first tell what AI in content marketing does before starting with AI-powered content marketing.

We have already seen chatbots, and they have worked pretty well always. While a chatbot is on your website, a person chatting on the other end may sometimes will not even know the other side is a bot. So, such is the level of perfection in work. Now, think you have got a blog bot. Just input the parameters you would want in your blogs or the validations, and the bot will then automatically deliver the content! Presently, we have AI-powered online tools like CONCURRED, and more which provide with AI in the backend.

AI powered content marketing

Evaluate the cases on which you may need AI assistance

Now, this can be creating blogs, sending the automated emails to the contacts, creating and editing of content for social media and promotions and more. You basically have to have a clear outline of the work you need to perform and then you could simply decide what you should get done through AI.

Select a case/s to get AI assistance

Now, when you have already made a list of all the cases just pick the cases on which you would want the content creation and content marketing to be done through AI.

Pick the tools

Next comes tools like CONCURRED, CRAYON or you can find a tool online, for integration.

Demo and test!

Now, you need to demo and test whatever tool you have selected.

Finally, if the testing is successful, formulate a strategy accordingly

So, you know this now. If you have been successful in your testing now it’s time to get the money rolling out for the premium tools. Once you have finalized a tool, you have to get all the input ready for the content you would need and then you are all set to start!


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