The need to change how we work if we want to use artificial intelligence in decision making

AI could be one of the greatest tool ever created by man, but no matter how powerful it gets, humans will remain at the center to automate its emotional, human and political decisions. Also, other decisions including those related innovation, strategy, and marketing will also require human qualitative judgment based on facts and context.

Even though AI technologies provide employees and managers with precise data and super-powered intelligence in a very timely manner, decision making in would still be time consuming if organization’s administration are required to endorse these decisions. Organizations thus have to trust AI technologies more by enabling employees to make decision with the help of AI.

Most of the time it is advised that companies should employ more of data scientists due to the effectiveness in decision making of big data and AI as they feel it would produce a bigger business impact. But I beg to differ, I believe instead of hiring a large number of data scientists, sharing and educating all staffs and managers on AI tools and giving the power to make well calculated decisions will be by far more the better route as it ensure everybody can make a valuable input without decrease the quality of the decisions made.

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