Why My 12 Year Old Brother is Excited About VR

What a wonderful world we live in, eh?

The world of tech is evolving every day, with loads of exciting breakthroughs on the horizon from cashless and cryptocurrency to driverless cars and Artificial Intelligence.

One thing that my teenaged brother is especially excited about is Virtual Reality.

I’ve known a bit about VR for quite some time now, mostly because I used to be a big HTC fan and the insane hype around Vive back in 2015 before its release the year after.

I remember playing a game in Augmented Reality on my 4th Gen iPod Touch way back in 2013.

It was some weird space invader type shooter game where you ultimately just had to spin around in circles shooting at random alien ships from behind your cover.

This game was as much AR as it was a regular game that used your rear camera to form the background of the set.

There really wasn’t anything clever going on here.

I’ve always been a little puzzled by AR as there will always be limitations of the technology based on the environment the user is in.

VR, however, doesn’t have this problem.

My brother went to a pop-up store demonstrating the greatness of the PlayStation VR headset and instantly fell in love with it.

“I’ll never have to move again”, he said to me.

For the first time ever, stepping into the game means something almost feasible.

A whole new world

The difference between VR and AR, as well as the real world, is that VR is completely virtual. While obviously your mind and body are left behind in the physical realm, everything you see and hear in VR is computer generated.

This means that anything can happen, really, and you can almost trick yourself into believing that you’re somewhere else.

This is great in the construction industry for example as it means that, in the future, project managers may never have to visit an active site, they can just view the site from the cloud and observe their progress in real time in virtual reality.

Pretty cool, right?

Imagine receiving a schematic of a building or a plane and being able to walk through it before you even have the funds to make it?

This could also change the way we train our soldiers and police officers in the near future, but I’m getting way ahead of myself here.

A shape of gaming

The most prevalent use of VR at the moment is in gaming. Options like PSVR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift are slowly helping bridge the gap into a virtual world.

While my brother was joking about never having to move again, some part of me knows that this isn’t exactly unreasonable.

The headset contains the screen and speakers. You also get to create an avatar and can play most games using the standard controls, making for not much of a shift in style.

In theory, you can just wake up, put the headset on and game your days away.

Thankfully he’s too young to know anything about VR porn, otherwise we’d have a real problem on our hands

Nonetheless, this somewhat over-engineered experience makes for a very nifty escape for those that always seem to lose the TV remote or those that no longer want to walk down to the living room to play.

It’s an interesting future, for sure. A literal new world you can access at any time to see any of your friends in virtual form, anywhere around the world.

A world where you can experience dangerous things through your own eyes, without the fear of death or real suffering.

What do you guys think about the evolution of tech, especially with VR and AR? Do you think my examples are a little farfetched, or am I not looking far enough?

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