Elon Musk AI Opinion Challenged: Entrepreneur Sid Mohasseb explains AI Business and Society…

In a recent article on Medium, Los Angeles Entrepreneur, Consultant, investor, and TED speaker Sid Mohasseb argued that the AI train has left the station and attempts to stop it will be futile.

In the last few months, we have seen even more pessimism spread onto AI from the likes of Elon Musk and Bill Gates. The media have given lot of echoes, perhaps purposely given that the topic increases eyeballs, to these opinion makers. At a recent Joe Rogan Youtube interview, Elon Musk reiterated that AI is potentially more dangerous than nuclear weapons and that it is insane for the government not to regulate it.

In this interview with Paolo Messina, Sid revisits and expands his previous conclusions. At first, he digs in the concept of the human ability to adapt to a changed scenario. He articulates a clear and crispy business vision. His view point is that as long as AI creates business value adoption will make sense and will result in an overall benefit for business and society.

When it comes to job disruption, the ability of machines to take over human society, Sid has a very simple yet profound viewpoint. He exemplifies it with an example. He says that when we invented the knife we could have claimed that it could be used to kill people and that we would lose the ability to chew raw meat well, finally saying that our teethes would become less sharp and effective. However, when we look at the invention today, thousands of years after, we really do not care so much about our teethes being less sharp and much less we believe that the pains of the world including violence, crime and wars are attributable to the knife’s invention.

Following this line of thought, Sid concludes that the very nature of the relationship between humans and machine will change, humans will adapt by delegating more of our cognitive tasks to machines and they will be refocusing on other tasks that are at the same time more IQ demanding and more fulfilling as humans.

The interview also addresses how managers in traditional and tech industry can manage the change and leverage this new technology to achieve business success. Sid sheds some light on this with a simple and crispy business analysis. He mentions that business value and its creation is the only and most safe decision tool that managers have to evaluate, decide upon and execute on new machine learning or AI projects.

During the interview we also take a look at how industry adoption will be in part fostered by startups and in part by companies incubating and developing their own projects. Once more Sid simplifies the success factors for startups in this area in a very simple yet crispy message: Solve a strong enough problem and invest the time necessary to gain your counterpart trust so they will adopt your solution. Sid is convinced that ultimately there is no assurance of success but, there is also no success without pushing the envelope of the status quo.

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