New Active BUY from Aiera machine learning platform: Trade Desk (TTD)

Aiera uses over 11k sources and examines over 600,000 documents per day to find predictive patterns in order to anticipate price action in ~1,600 equities. Through a proprietary tag-along model that uses all input/output combinations from all accurate calls of the forecasting models, Aiera is able to identify and tag the features which were likely to have mattered most in a forecast. Then, using NLP technology, the system will surface a summary of those features in easily digestible human language. The system is built to serve up relevant information to a human investor who can balance the findings with other more traditional vectors.

Humans remain better than machines over the longer term. Profession investors are more likely to understand “big picture” drivers. Yet AI is better than humans on issues needing massive scale, speed and unbiased judgement. Ultimately, we feel the combination of Man + Machine will yield the best outcome in Financial Investing, as it will in many other industries.

The Active Call on TTD below was surfaced 11/24 with a duration of 27 days. If you read the text attached beneath, you will see the themes that surfaced in this call are around new product launches (KOA), omni-channel growth, and partnerships in China that are likely to be drivers.

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