Market watch and risk management powered by data analysis — Banks&VCs scenario

Although Daneel now offers a revolutionary layer of functionality for the exchange seeking to provide transparency and ease-of-use for its users, this ability to visually represent qualitative social in real-time has implications for a variety of financial institutions.

Where this functionality offers this added layer of control for crypto funds and platforms geared primarily towards entry-level cryptocurrency investors, this added insight open the door to institutional investors and larger hedge-fund structures.

‘’The crypto market is volatile; the industry needs an automated research alternative.’’

Ultimately, complex financial institutions thrive off complex financial data that can be derived from continual research — including research on social drivers that may be able to project how a cryptocurrency is likely to perform. However, where traditional manual research practices may have been acceptable for predicting the performance of a fiat-based investment, the crypto market is volatile; the industry needs an automated research alternative.

This is where Daneel comes in perfectly: where the newbie investor benefits from not requiring the research practices normalized for seasoned investors, complex investment bodies can now automate their research capacity and remain adaptive to a market characterized by social change.

Education is the key to success

Getting into the crypto market without a lifejacket is very risky, financial institutions with their backs and their natural caution will think twice before taking the step. But having an asset like

Daneel in the launch allows them to be well equipped for the trip. Education must be given special attention, especially for staff in more or less rigid institutions where training is often postponed until next year. With Daneel as their personal assistant, employees will be able to train in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Understanding each term is a mandatory and not the least important step. Whether used as a personal assistant or as a widget or API, the information provided by Daneel will allow this type of actor to gain in time and efficiency.

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