A revolution in professional trading — Trader scenario

Having reliable market information easily requires simple and easy-to-use ergonomics, which could limit some of themore rigorous applications specific to seasoned traders. This was not to mention our concern about this very specific and demanding target. The idea of a web version was therefore obvious for a more advanced use of the data. This version allows to go even further in the analysis of the data.

Unique indicators for better accuracy

Much more than in traditional markets, the price shown on the graphs is above all psychological and it is not by using only technical indicators that an optimal strategy will be found. Why not add the market sentiment over the last 3 days to the equation to detect a possible new trend? Or keep an eye on market trends, whether for prices of the most popular currencies?

This full screen version is more suitable to rigorous strategy and the use of multiple indicators including the unique ones provided by Daneel. The combination between classic trading tools and Daneel’s data will revolutionize the way people trade. Comparing the emotion of the market with the price will be simple by superimposing the two.

“Comparing the emotion of the market with the price will be simple by superimposing the two.”

For a customized use of the platform, the interface is totally malleable according to the needs. Keeping an eye on the newsfeed of the market right next to your price charts while waiting for the news that will trigger the next move will be so easy. Best of all, and for the most sophisticated analysts, the data processed by Daneel will be available in real time, allowing them to see a certain materialization of the market before their eyes.

In the unlocked features of this version, the newsfeed impact indicator will alert you if a news can have an impact on your portfolio allowing orders to be triggered.

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