Ramses Vargas. About Artificial Intelligence.

It’s believed that civilization originates from intelligence, and artificial intelligence has brought many technology benefits. Stories from the science fiction show how far human intelligence could be manipulated by super machines and flying cars. Self-driving cars, robots, apps, facial recognition, and online trading system systems are making life simpler. However, these automated inventions come with a huge cost of acquisition. Will there be smarter AI systems to perform complex cognitive tasks in the future? Perhaps someday more super-intelligent devices, weapons, science tools, and medical equipment will run on artificial intelligence and coexist with humans.

Introducing tech innovation that changes people’s lifestyle, impact and helps them intelligently is a game-changing trend. Strong AI may outperform humans like Google’s AI sounds. During this year’s Google I/O 2018 conference, the digital media tech giant launched the app. This AI is programmed to make calls with mobile phones like you and I. The artificial intelligence technology is designed to store millions of data to work effectively.

There’s a conspiracy theory that machines will replace humans after an apocalyptic war. These super machines of artificial intelligence can fall into the wrong hands and become disadvantageous. A scenario is likely to occur where autonomous machines will be used for AI wars. When these AI arms become difficult to switch off, there could plausibly be a loss of control. Research institutions that are developing AI technologies must create built-in control systems. This move will avoid the pitfalls of human-like characteristics that can be wrongly used.

When the age of artificial intelligence becomes dominant, there might be stiffer consequences than job cuts and redundancy. The fear of job automation will see people working in production factories, warehouses, and transport companies lose their jobs. Most times innovations distort the order of events, and the AI isn’t an exception. However, workers and young people can learn new skills, upgrade and get jobs that increase productivity. A new world order can emerge from super machines that’ll help governments plan and control their citizens. It’s the hope that artificial intelligence will improve our well-being instead of causing chaos.

The fear of AI machines turning evil is imminent; more so, AI technology can be used competently instead of malevolently applying them. People are now eager to create wealth with smart tools like cryptocurrency learning and trading software. Apart from basic human functions, financial institutions are using AI to support their business. The blockchain technology is an example of this innovation. There are AI-enabled tools that can teach trading and investors can learn and wisely apply their knowledge to make fortunes. Unemployed people can learn new online investment skills and become experts within a very short time.

Global warming, war, unemployment, disease, and poverty are some of the world’s biggest challenges. However, should AI machines replace humans, coexist with them, or merge with them? These are some concerns that humans must unravel as artificial intelligence systems proliferate and become more efficient. Perhaps, for now, we should enjoy the benefits of AI and think of ways to alleviate its negative consequences in the future.

By Ramses vargas

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