Data Sheet—What Happens Next to Tech Stocks Worldwide

Champagne on ice. It’s almost here…Amazon’s second headquarters location announcement, that is. On Saturday, the Washington Post, owned by Jeff Bezos, reported that government officials in its D.C.-Northern Virginia locale were in “advanced discussions” to be the location of HQ2, as most bettors have assumed for a long time. But on Sunday, the Wall Street Journal said “late-stage talks” were ongoing with at least Dallas, New York City, and Northern Virginia’s Crystal City. The leaks prompted Amazon exec Mike Grella to strike back on Twitter: “Stop treating the NDA you signed like a used napkin.” Bezos himself says he’ll be guided by intuition: “You immerse yourself in that data but then you make the decision with your heart,” he said at a conference in new York last week. Back in Seattle at HQ1, Amazon decided to give free shipping to everyone for the holiday shopping season, by the way.

Follow this logic. President Donald Trump says his administration may fine big tech companies over antitrust violations because Europe did. “They fined I guess it was Google, billions of dollars, and frankly I don’t like that they’re doing that because that’s an American company,” Trump said in a TV interview that aired on Sunday. “I don’t think it’s good that they’re doing that. But if anybody does that, it should be us doing it,” adding in a follow up that the idea is “certainly something we’re looking at.” Speaking of Google, more than 20,000 Google employees and contractors walked out of offices around the world last Thursday to protest sexual misconduct and a non-inclusive workplace culture, organizers of the protest said. Employees in 50 cities, making up about 20% of Google’s total employees, took to the streets.

Fast follower. The first iPhone didn’t have 3G wireless but Apple followed up a year later with the iPhone 3G that included 3G. Sounds like the company might be following a similar timeline for 5G. Other phone makers are planning 5G devices for 2019 but Fast Company reports that Apple will debut with the faster network technology in 2020 using an Intel modem. Also, a report out of Asia claims Apple has told its suppliers to cut back on production of the iPhone XR (though similar supply chain rumors have proven unreliable in the past).

Side channel. Next year looks like it could be big for initial public stock offerings in tech, but not all the rumored candidates may be ready to go. “We have no specific timeline for an IPO,” Slack Stewart Butterfield tells Fortune. “We’ve been on a path to public company readiness for several years now and we’re continuing on that path.”

Side stepping. The murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was “horrible” but won’t change SoftBank’s relationship with the Saudi government, CEO Masayoshi Son said on his company’s earnings call on Monday. “As horrible as this event was, we cannot turn our backs on the Saudi people as we work to help them in their continued efforts to reform and modernize their society,” Son said in his first public remarks on the murder. SoftBank’s Vision Fund includes $45 billion of Saudi investment.

Undo. The name of Apple’s CFO is Luca Maestri, with a “c,” and CEO Tim Cook does not typically make an ending statement on the company’s earnings calls. Our apologies for the mistakes in Friday’s essay.

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