Behind the scene of A.I. powered camera in smartphones

Whenever we buy a smartphone our first target becomes to check the quality of the camera. The smartphone companies also work very hard in improving the camera quality every time they release a smartphone in the market to get the attraction of the audience in first sight. In before days the quality of a camera used to depend on megapixels. Higher the megapixels higher will be the quality of the camera, some of them even approached the quality of DSLRs.

But with the introduction of the artificially intelligent processor in smartphones, the definition of quality of camera totally changed. The introduction of Qualcomm Snapdragon 670, MediaTek Helio p22 the market of the processor was completely changed, a new variety of processor was introduced that is A.I. processors. The performance of these processors was at another level. Companies installing these processors gained a huge profit in the market. To cope up with these smartphone companies other smartphone companies like Samsung, Huawei came up with their own processors Exynos and kirin970. Now almost every smartphone company is aware of a.i. processors and they target to upgrade the mid-range phones with a.i. processors so that normal users could also experience the next level of smartphones and the companies could also increase their smartphones sale in the market.

With the rise of a.i. processors it gave birth to another cool concept called a.i. camera. As from the name it could be easily understood that the camera in these smart phone are now a.i. powered. Now lets dig into the technology behind it.

The main function of a.i. camera is that it enhances the image ten times its original quality. An a.i. model runs in the background which identifies the image which is taken is of which type, whether it is a fruit, vegetable, dog, cat, or flower or not. The a.i. model is trained in such a way that it could differentiate and identify different objects in an image and enhance the quality of that object accordingly and hence the image taken is also enhanced as a whole. There is one more processor of a camera that is the image signal processor(ISP) it enhances by noise reduction, gamma correction, dynamic range compression from the image. These processors are specially supported in hexa and octa-core processors which are a.i. powered. It acts like an image sensor and does the processing of image much faster compared to normal smartphones. If you are familiar with smartphones which are not a.i. powered then you might have observed that you have to hold the mobile at the focus for a second after you click the photo to save it correctly. This delay is removed with the help of ISP. This ISP is not itself a.i. programmed but it is powered by an a.i. processor which boosts its performance.

These days smartphone companies not only concentrate on increasing the quality of the camera by increasing its Megapixels value but also concentrate in increasing the performance of the processor to improve the quality of the camera and the users a better experience.

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