The Fourth Industrial Revolution is Among Us and We Barely Have Noticed It

Yes, mankind have already gone through three industrial revolutions and now, we are at the door of a new one. Everything started in 1760 in Great Britain when mainly, what was human and animal work was replaced by mechanical force, known as the Industrial Revolution or the First Industrial Revolution. Later, in 1870, based mostly in the industrialization of some metals and electricity, the Second Industrial Revolution took place. Around 1950 with the digitalization of information and computers, the Third Industrial Revolution is said to still being on progress.

The term revolution can evoque a variety of thoughts, concepts or philosophies, but in this case it is related to a massive change in economy, production, communication or any other aspect involved in industrialization.

The true is that a fourth revolution, on matter of the fields exposed above, has been taking place and we are not even aware of it. It is a revolution, which involves the previous revolution (the digitalization era), to overcome new challenges making usage of robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and some others technologies now available. Here I summarize some of the evidences.

1. Some Kind of Jobs are Disappearing.

The automatization is taking all the industries, from car manufactures to food processing factories. Tasks performed by humans is now a robot deal which has improved production and reduced costs. But it is the beginning, now we see self-driving cars, drones and other devices that in the future can take away a drivers job or a delivery guy salary. This TED talk shows some of it.

2. Robot-Assistants Are All Over It.

You’ve heard and probably used Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa. They are supposed to be our daily remainders, alarms, food suggestion voice and so more, but the truth is that they are just a bunch of code, arrange in such a way that a algorithm is produce, so at the end of the day we have this sweet voice helping us improving the production of our days. The IoT (Internet of Things) is taking some of our main devices and daily used products to help us remain a place safe, enlightened or smelling as we want.

3. Commuting never was so easy

If you want to go to some place, you take your phone (connected to the internet — IoT), open and app, chose your destination and a driver will come to pick you up. When you drop out of that car, you again take out your phone, type the name of a place and suddenly you have the best route for you, with the bus number with its almost exact time of arrival displayed on your screen. If you don’t want that, you may look up in the street for a shared car, which will open up its door with you cell phone (again).

4. You are targeted by a wild advertisement

No, it is not magic, and there is no video camera installed in your room by Google, Amazon or Nike (Well, this can be a topic of rough debate). So, the question is: How this companies know my preferences, my stile and more? The answer is not that simple, but is just a matter of data. Every day, tons of data is produced by us, as consumers. Every click, like, comment is leaving a trace for a small “robot” (cookies) hungry of information. Once you are on the web, you are leaving some parts of your life hanging there.

This are just a small, but truly great evidences of a revolution is among us. Blockchain, 3D printing, Wearables, Cloud Computing and some other technologies are taking the world. Are we getting ready to all of this?

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