Building (Trying, learning to) the Best Artificial Intelligence Video Channel

Everything you want to know about Artificial Intelligence

I do have plans for what I want to accomplish with the channel.


Create a laser focus video channel about Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Future of Work, Smart City for all level of people who has the slightest interests in Artificial Intelligence and related subjects


  1. For Everyone — I do not want the channel to be too academic nor only for technical professionals in the industry. I want to be an AI Advocate who spread the love and minimize the fears about Artificial Intelligence
  2. Thoughtful — I am not going to be making things easier to understand, I am going to have my opinions on many things.
  3. Build a community — I want to build a community of everyone from everywhere around AI, make AI to be the everyday technology like smart phone, automobiles, or an airplane. I want to encourage discussion and learning.


In the YouTube AI and Facebook channels, I will create videos around industries, culture, art, new technology vendor, new platform, new technology, new business applications

What do you think?

Is there any type of video topics around Artificial Intelligence that you want to learn about? please let me know in the comment.

How can you support?

I know nothing You can support me by subscribing to my channel, or liking my videos, and commenting in the YouTube comment so I can learn from my mistakes and weakness. It is only a start

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