Putting Emerging Technologies Like AI To Work

In the customer age, technology and business leaders must begin with an understanding of the client’s needs, then choose the appropriate technologies to meet those needs. However, complex emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation, robotics and the Internet of things can be a challenge to meet the needs of customers. These critical CIO objectives often require new operating models to be successful. For these emerging technologies to really work, leaders must invest in the talent, skills and culture of employees; evolve or invent appropriate organizational structures; And sometimes they even change their own leadership style.

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This trip is not easy, but succeeding here can produce tremendous business results.

To help drive success with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, Forrester will conduct a deep immersion session at our Digital Transformation Forum in Chicago, May 8–9. I’m leading a deep immersion track that will feature presentations from my colleague, Craig Le Clair; We are two of Forrester’s leading voices in automation and artificial intelligence.

The first session will introduce you to RQ (the quotient of robotics).

I will be publishing an important report in a couple of months on this subject, so the forum represents an early breakthrough. RQ measures the ability of individuals and organizations to learn, adapt and collaborate with automated entities such as artificial intelligence, intelligent assistants, RPA or even physical robotics. RQ will soon join IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional intelligence quotient) in the lexicon of human resources, business and technology leaders around the world. RQ analyzes how people, leaders, organization and trust, or PLOT, drive business effectiveness with artificial intelligence and automation.

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The second session will have an applied example of RPA.

Automation of robotic processes (RPA) has been one of the newest technologies in business organizations during the past year, and Craig Le Clair has been at the forefront, leading the change as technology and business leaders reinvent the business of processes and show how organizations can use RPA as an example of emerging technology approaches that work. Over time, actual success will be determined more by the efficiency of the bot’s implementation, security and the ability to scale and provide adequate governance. The analyzes, both for the maintenance of bots and for the optimization of processes and the support of other AI building blocks, will determine the final success.

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