100 Days of ML — Day 19 — Market Disruption: Video Games

There were a couple articles on a couple platforms about Neural Networks auto-generating Pokemon and the one I found first was the one from Nerdist: https://nerdist.com/a-neural-network-is-generating-really-convincing-fake-pokemon/

This is actually pretty vanilla stuff by Neural Network standards in a world where Artificial Intelligence can generate its own art: https://www.artnome.com/news/2018/3/29/ai-art-just-got-awesome

As usual, in my roulette of Neural Networks (plain, convolutional, recurrent, and generative), you can do this with the generative adversarial network (GAN). So what was I talking about in my headline?

As usual, in my Steve Jobsian visions, I imagined a website where you could get 8-bit or 16-bit assets custom generated just for you, based on keywords or dropdown selections. These websites do exist in the form of such places as https://opengameart.org/, but it’s from a hard-coded library. Nothing is really procedurally generated yet.


Generated. The future of the world of video games will rely on AI and more than just enemy behavior. I’m looking forward to a world where video game creations are a click away. Having said that, I’m imagining a world where advertisements are endless, although we’re arguable already there.

But yeah. 8-bit and 16-bit assets should be easy and I mentioned them first, almost exclusively, because as we get into current gen and next gen video game tech, we very quickly hit a point to where we can’t make modern assets without a farm of GPUs and TPUs. That’s something I should look into.

That’s also something I wish my Steve Wozniaknian brain would develop. I wish I was less marketer and more developer.

Jimmy Murray is a Florida based comedian who studied Marketing and Film before finding himself homeless. Resourceful, he taught himself coding, which led to a ton of opportunities in many fields, the most recent of which is coding away his podcast editing. His entrepreneurial skills and love of automation have led to a sheer love of all things related to AI.





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